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I joined FESS here in Dorset in 2014, sadly I am no longer with them and that’s not through the want of not trying to return. I’d appreciate someone in higher management getting in touch. The BRC have have in fact said I am not a team player, yet I’m the one who held the service together when our coordinator left until a new one was appointed. I would have loved this position but I have no high degree or A levels but I do have empathy and compassion which you cannot teach. I regularly got the team together on night outs and made sure we all stayed motivated which is so important when times go quiet. I left purely for the fact you fact that my ERO didn’t think that an incident I reported to her wasn’t that important. The volunteer in question had been in the team just under a year, we went out to a thatch fire and he was driver. I was banksman on an ice covered lane. When it became unbearable I asked to get back into the vehicle he just laughed and said No and kept reversing thus leaving me alone.U cried all the way back to base. Please can someone contact me urgently. No one is listening!

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  • Oct 7 2018
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