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Language is the KEY

language is the KEY or the first most important step for the refugees to get involved with the society, so I suggest especially for the Syrian refugee ladies as I think men are doing well

-We need more Arabic first language volunteers as a teacher, this will make it for them more easier, less frustrating and less in time with teaching off course. This is I think addressed by RC but it needs more tailoring to their requirements.  

-Pushing them to go outside their houses by themselves without depending on their husbands. they need to learn how to use buses for example, till now most of them don't want to use buses because they are afraid to get lost especially if their little kids with them and they don't have language to ask for help. So I suggest some volunteers can take them in small trip around Milton Keynes to show them the bus stops and the directions. each volunteer (and it can be two volunteers Arabic and English) would take like three refugee ladies in a trip.

-Learning new language needs to practice with the normal people, so I suggest for them to visit markets by themselves and talk with the buyers asking about things even if they don't need for. It just a way to practice language and  use what they are learning to feel more confidence.

-Offering FREE help to take care of their kids while they are learning because it's really too hard for them to join any classes with their kids.

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  • Sep 27 2018
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