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'Redbook': A social media platform run by volunteers to help leavers keep in touch

Which user needs it addresses

Former volunteers that we want to keep in touch with and maybe retain in the same or different role.

What problem it solves and what we get

Addresses the issue of retention, reduces haphazard communication, improves the opportunities for continued interaction, keeps the experience live 

Who we need

Savvy existing volunteers to provide national and local information and anecdotes that are consistent with BRC standards

What we need

IT support, illustrator, photos etc. to make it visually interesting

Key risks and challenges

Lack of existing volunteer input, lack of moderation, format for negativity

How might we measure

Number of hits, joiners, leavers, 

Seasonal/geographical/service patterns

Number of rejoiners

Number of contributors

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  • Sep 26 2018
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