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Volunteer One to One's with their service manager.

There are a plethora of knowledgeable, enthusiastic and skilled volunteers, that feel disheartened, under utilised and under valued. As volunteers we are consistently told how vital we are to the organisation. Yet these seem to be just words of greatness with little worth.

In order to turn around these feelings and in line with making the BRC fit for the next 150 years with investments in people.  I believe that the BRC needs to engage at a personal level. A programme of personal interviews (one two one's) that are there to find out the volunteers fears, asperations and training needs. The BRC also needs to solidly follow up on the findings and or training. By whole heartedly engaging with these people I believe there can be a reduction in the through put of volunteers and assets utilised to train and maintain them. If done correctly well trained and highly motivated people can be developed.

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  • Sep 25 2018
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