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Simplify first aid training

We have a bewildering array of training courses and modules for EFA, placing an unnecessary burden on individual candidates, trainers, cas-sim people, physical training resources, and those who try to manage all this.

We need a simpler system - a straightforward pathway from new recruit to ambulance technician that doesn't rely on a random collection of modules that are not organised into any sort of programme. Of course, we must allow people to stop at any point along the pathway if they don't wish to progress all the way to ambulance technician.

Alongside this, we must simplify the requirements and organisation of renewals, annual assessments, and continuation training - these are just not working as they should and that is costing us far too many volunteers who drop out when their qualifications 'lapse' and they can't find a renewal session.

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  • Sep 23 2018
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    October 08, 2018 12:45

    Agree with the above. A clear progression model of training would be very helpful. Recognised qualifications is also very important. 12 hours shifts are too long for people who have work and care commitments. A 6 hour shift with two people is much better.