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disillusioned volunteers

Ive been a volunteer for over 10 years and have stopped in the last 6 months- as in done events most weekends to doing absolutely nothing.

Im so fed up with BRC - efa is going down the pan. Stuff turns up from the hub with kit missing or incomplete. Its badly organised. Lost 100s of events. Hardly anything local...


It's not the organisation i joined years ago.


I feel completely disillusioned with it so have withdrawn my services and 100s of other volunteers have done... thats why u cant cover loads of events!

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  • Sep 21 2018
  • For another team or project
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    Guest commented
    05 Oct 15:21

    I agree. It used to be BRC TLC,it is now BRC plc. EFA decline started in 2012 and deteriorated further in 2016.

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    08 Oct 12:28

    This may be tagged "For another team of project", but it's fundamental to keeping volunteers in service. It's no good us perpetually recruiting new people just top see them leave after about a year.

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    09 Oct 13:49

    perhaps try keeping experienced volunteers rather than looking to recruit a load of new people. ? who will eventually get fed up with it and stop ?

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    25 Oct 12:52

    "For another team of project" = put into the 'too difficult box'?