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Be more local

there are hardlyany local efa events these days volunteers are being required to drive 3+ hours to an event then do a shift at an event then drive 3+ hours back home afterwards and we are losing ega volunteers as a result

i myself am a casualty and visually impaired i cant drive so cant travel and you never run any efa courses in my local area anymore so i dont get to do any volunteering

all i get to do is attend a 2 hour centre meeting once a fortnight but if you drive all of our volunteers away by not being local we will lose the centre too then i wont have anything to do for red crosd

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  • Sep 21 2018
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    October 05, 2018 15:13

    Totally agree.The volunteers and the public want the BRC to be visible in the local community but BRC appears more interested in large corporate activities.