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Adopt national standards from an approved qualifying body for red cross qualifications so they are recognised

Its crazy that a trauma trained volunteer doesn't even qualify for a first aid at work certificate. BRC needs to adopt nationally recognised programmes such as FREC which would be a nice reward for volunteers and provide an incentive for new recruits 

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  • Sep 21 2018
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    October 05, 2018 12:43


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    October 05, 2018 15:29

    Ambulance Crew and Commercial Trainers receive an externally approved Pearsons Award.This type of accreditation could be applied to many BRC qualifications.

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    October 08, 2018 12:13

    Recognised qualifications would help recruit the best staff and help volunteers who are looking for additional paid work. It doesnt make sense that the training is not a recognised qualification when the Red Cross themselves provide training and certificates for work place first aiders. I wasn’t aware of this when I applied, it might send me to other providers as I want to be respected with recognised qualifications.