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Keep volunteers, new and old, engaged.  Unfortunately, with the loss of so many Centres, this has become a huge problem.

People do not feel inclusive any longer but part of a rather remote organisation.

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  • Sep 21 2018
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    04 Oct 18:28

    Very true. Many volunteers joined to serve their immediate community. Many services only seem to be interested in the larger paying events

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    05 Oct 14:56

    In EFA volunteers are pressured to attend supersize events when they would prefer to attend local events which are not being supported by BRC,consequently they do not volunteer at all.As a result the BRC profile in the local community is reduced.

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    08 Oct 12:12

    I can't think why this is flagged as "Needs more information" - a quick look through the EFA team discussion boards will provide more than enough examples.