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Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit VJ-I-2733 'Redbook': A social media platform run by volunteers to help leavers keep in touch.

Create a platform for volunteers to share videos internally and externally which show the work of the Red Cross does to support people and the roles they do Merged

Which user needs it addresses 

It helps people understand what’s happening at and learn more about the Red Cross, and involves volunteers and staff in a fun project. 

What problem it solves and what we get  

It promotes the work volunteers do and involves and engages them. 

Who we need 

Volunteers and staff to make and publish video and manage platform. 

What we need 

A platform to host videos, equipment to shoot videos (could be done using volunteers and staff’s devices), engagement and time. 

Key risks and challenges 

Bad publicity and organisational reputation, managing it over time and keeping people engaged. 

How might we measure? 

News, engagement, analytics. 

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  • Sep 19 2018
  • Reviewing