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Uniform induction when volunteers are handed over to service

At present as a volunteer recruiter I see some volunteers I hand over taken through a thorough service induction and other services do not seem to have a formal induction process.

For volunteers without a structured induction they often quickly feel confused and like they don't belong, this then lends to poor engagement or even leavers as they no longer feel valued.

If there was a more uniformed volunteer induction pack/process across all services for once volunteer is 'active' it would really help, particularly for service managers and co-ordinators who often are too busy to conduct an in-depth induction process, or create something they could utilise.

This could include IT access/training where applicable, policies and procedures, how to claim expenses, building induction where applicable for fixed places of work and feedback from the volunteer to their line manager as to what they are looking to get from the role and their personal goals.

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  • Sep 19 2018
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