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Structured Recruitment - From Advert to Service

To help increase smooth journey for volunteers applying we should structure our recruitment and avoid "dribs & drab" recruitment, particularly for larger recruitment campaigns. 


When doing the workforce planning and deciding we need x number of y volunteer role in z location, work with the various teams to plan:


  1. Advert Open & Close Dates
  2. Recruiment Evening/Day/Drop-in/Slots for: interviews, finding out more about the service, meet existing volunteers, DBS/PVG where required, and where we are happy they can proceed request workwear sizes (have selection available to try) so this can be ordered ready for when they are handed over to service
  3. FTP dates for those and reserve the dates - put on advert (even if 2/3 options)
  4. Any Service Training Dates required - put on advert (even if 2/3 options)
  5. Handover plan to avoid the constant dribbling of volunteers which becomes a struggle for volunteer managers to manage alongside all the other work they are doing.


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  • Sep 18 2018
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