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Remove the need for volunteers to reapply when switching roles

Which user needs it addresses

It lets existing users easily change roles and cuts down admin for staff.

What problem it solves and what we get

It helps line managers know your skills and experience, makes it more personalised and saves time, gets people in the right role quicker and increases satisfaction.

Who we need

Line manager, volunteer operations team, line managers of new service.

What we need

Good working relationships between line managers, a simple way to let vol ops know (former line manager reference should be enough), clear guidelines for line managers.

Key risks and challenges

Dual line managers complicates expenses claims, we need a network/ organigram to help find who the new line manager might be, location/ services requirements may not suit the wishes of the volunteer- we’ll need to manage expectations.

How might we measure?

Time taken to get into new role decreases, satisfaction/ length of services increases, more volunteers in the right service, line managers satisfied their volunteers are being used to the best of their potential, appraisals/ 121s with volunteer.

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  • Sep 12 2018
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