Help improve the volunteer journey

Share your ideas, see what's been suggested or vote for your favourite.

See what happens with your ideas

What happens with your ideas

After you share your ideas we’ll:

  • review them against other ones to work out if we take them forward
  • adapt or change them  until they're in a state we can design and prototype them
  • agree if we should prototype and test your and other ideas with volunteers, staff and the public
  • decide if we should them roll out, when and how

We'll review and may reject your ideas at each/ any stage. You can see what stage they're at on this site.

How we’ll review your ideas

We’ll use a list of questions to review your ideas including:

  • Does it have enough information?
  • Is it standalone
  • Is it ‘for us’?
  • Do volunteers need it?
  • Does it solve a common problem?
  • Does it feel achievable?
  • Is it feasible?
  • Does a solution exist?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Do we have resources to do it?
  • Is it measurable?
  • Is it testable?
  • Can we use it elsewhere?
  • Will it help make us the 'best'?
  • Will it mean we can 'do less'?
  • Is it popular?

Share your ideas

You can share your ideas, see what other people have suggested and vote for your favourite ones online.

We’re also running sketching sessions with volunteers, staff and the public. Each looking at a different part of the journey. We’ll put the main ideas from the sessions online after each one.

What's an idea?

An idea can be:

  • any type of solution, be that people, process or technology
  • something as simple as removing a step in an existing process or adopting something that is done elsewhere

An idea should:

  • focus on volunteer needs
  • solve a problem for the charity
  • be something we can implement over the next 9-12 months

Why we need your ideas

We spent 6 weeks researching the end-to-end journey for service volunteers. To understand what their experience looks like along the way.

We did this by speaking to:

  • over 50 volunteers across all services and 15 regions
  • 50 members of staff across 5 departments

We found several issues including:

  • a lack of clarity around what the volunteering offer is
  • the time it takes to join
  • inconsistent engagement across the journey

And things that add to this such as:

  • inefficient processes
  • limited systems
  • a lack of governance and accountability

Help us design what the future state should look like and what’s needed to deliver it.

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