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Build an interactive online questionnaire that advises people on suitable roles and helps effective matching

What user needs it addresses 

Prospectives who are unsure, getting the right 'match' for role, those who can't research and need 'quick and easy', 'younger' volunteers (not exclusively).

What problem it solves and what we get

Providing the right match, early engagement, some early 'training' requirements offered ticked off (but need easy enablers on things like access to training portal and ID number)

Who we need 

P & L, I & DT, user acceptance (e.g. existing volunteers - varied profiles). 

What we need 

Functionality and funds, supporting processes need to facilitate effectively, e.g. ID numbers in a timely way. 

Key risks and challenges

We don't get supporting functionality right or agree simpler process, use of technology - our people as well as users, shift internally needs servicing? e.g. adding/ removing roles, etc.

How might we measure?

Increase in interest/ applications, retention (earlier on), pull people through the volunteer pipeline quicker. 

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  • Sep 5 2018
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