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Give people a range of different level roles to give them an introduction and let them develop

What user needs it addresses 

It lets people try a role and see if it's for them, it lets them develop and make use of their skills. 

What problem it solves and what we get

It lets people 'taste' the role before committing fully so they start quicker, it gives more option for (light touch) volunteering and moving people into different roles, it lets people start younger and take the strain off staff. 

Who we need

Input from P & L and services, looking at each role and matching it against (EFA is an example of where it exists). 

What we need

Everyone would need to start at a 'level 1' quick access/ low risk role, a database that it is intelligent enough, support for 'advanced volunteers' to take on more accountability, management training/ competencies and commitment to values and behaviours. 

Key risks and challenges

It needs to be part of the pathway, people get stuck at levels and it starts to build a hierarchy, we take on people who aren't suitable. 

How might we measure?

Using a database/ CRM, volunteers taking on more responsible roles, increase in the number of people who apply/ retention. 

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  • Sep 5 2018
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