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Let people who want to volunteer shadow experienced ones so they can get involved earlier in the application process

What user needs it addresses 

It reduces the likelihood of volunteers losing interest by involving them earlier and improves new volunteer competence. 

What problem it solves and what we get

The low percentage of applications to active volunteers improves. 

What we need

Current volunteers, group leaders, recruitment staff and other staff members, advice from people and learning. 

Who we need

Current document detailing the competencies for roles, staff member assigned the task of organising shadowing.

Key risks and challenges

Setting aside time for training, GDPR e-protecting vulnerable groups. 

How might we measure?

Higher percentage of applicants become active volunteers.

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  • Sep 5 2018
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    October 07, 2018 12:22

    Some years ago, I used to be a part of a core of volunteers who did most of the EFA events.  We were always promised that new volunteers were coming on stream but nothing much materialised.

    After several years of seeing the same people at every single event I attended I suggested to a senior manager (before all the reorganisation) that it would be a good idea to get prospective volunteers to go out on a number of events before signing up and beginning the process of joining BRC as a volunteer.  They would then get firsthand knowledge of what they would be signing up for – my idea was ‘shot down’.

    Apparently it was far cheaper to recruit, train and kit out an EFA volunteer and for them to be never seen again than to pay for the insurance required should a prospective volunteer attend any events as an observer.

    I would go further and have prospective volunteers attend several events because heaven forbid they might ‘get lucky’ and go to one where the volunteers actually have something other than ‘people watching’ to do!