Help improve the volunteer journey

Share your ideas, see what's been suggested or vote for your favourite.

See what happens with your ideas

Hold open days or evenings to showcase the organisation, present volunteer opportunities for each service and inspire and entice

What user needs it addresses 

How to become a volunteer, feeling prepared and welcome, gain more information and solidify interest/ capture at peak motivation. 

What problem it solves and what we get

Volunteer conversion rate increased, role suitability, higher level of commitment throughout the journey, more committed and engaged volunteers. 

Who we need

Service buy in, support from existing passionate volunteers, senior leaders to enhance value and belonging, volunteer ops, P & L. 

What we need 

Meticulous planning, a venue, advertising to raise awareness, a decision on structure (e.g. sign up vs open attendance), handouts. 

Key risks and challenges

Cost, non attendance, consistency through the nation, time to plan, conversion to applicants, ownership and collaboration. 

How might we measure?

Feedback, sign up to conversion, number of total applicant and new volunteers, cost vs new volunteers.

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  • Sep 5 2018
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