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Create a 'talent pool' database of people who’ve answered the ‘golden questions’ to assess if they’re suitable and where their interests lie

What user needs it addresses 

It helps people understand the roles we offer and how they fit into the British Red Cross. 

What problem it solves and what we get

It gives us ready access to potential volunteers via a pool of warm potential volunteers, visibility of gaps (geographic and age). 

Who we need

I & DT, web team, comms, local volunteer ops, supporter experience team. 

What we need

Functioning platform (includes database, mobile friendly), CRM system. 

Key risks and challenges

Losing people because we don't engage them, supplying people with relevant information. 

How might we measure?

Open rates of emails, conversion/ opt out figures, number of people on database and quality of database. 

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  • Sep 5 2018
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