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Create a live chat service that helps match and place people in the right role, formalising the role that P & L have in the enquiry process (or could be done by a new or existing volunteer)

What user needs it addresses 

It helps people who aren’t sure. Having a real person means that applicants can ask a number of questions in responce to other needs, e.g. what it’s like and how they can volunteer.

What problem it solves and what we get

Confidence we’re putting people in the right role which we hope will reduce drop off later on and support cost and time. People’s applications could also be built as part of the conversation which may reduce the time it takes for someone to apply.

Who we need

Input from P & L and services.

What we need

Red Cross website (could use messaging apps in the future), chat functionality that integrates with it, ‘application tracking system’, training and tools for ‘matchmakers’, e.g. Wiki (although ideally use the same systems as the applicant).

Key risks and challenges

Not being able to meet demand (out of hours) although it would allow matchmakers to respond to queries from multiple people at the same time and automated chat function could be introduced once we have a bank of common questions. Implications of GDPR/ restrictions of existing systems on building someone’s application on their behalf. It also fixes a symptom (people wanting to speak to someone because they aren’t sure) not the root cause (roles don’t match their preferences).

How might we measure?

Reduction in the percentage of people who apply and are rejected/ drop out because they’re not suitable, reduction in the time it takes for enquiries to be answered and to apply.

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  • Sep 5 2018
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